VaMoS aims to bring together researchers and practitioners to share ideas, results and experiences about their quest for mastering variability.

Most of today’s software is made variable to allow for more adaptability and economies of scale, while many development practices (e.g., DevOps, A/B testing, parameter tuning, continuous integration) support this goal of engineering software variants. VaMoS is the ideal venue to explore the underlying problems (e.g., automation, traceability, combinatorial explosion) and their solutions.

VaMoS strongly supports the participation of aspiring young researchers as well as practitioners from industry. Read more in the VaMoS charter.

Next Edition

VaMoS 2024 in Bern, Switzerland
February 07 – 09, 2024

The 18th International Working Conference on Variability Modelling of Software-Intensive Systems (VaMoS) will be hosted by the University of Bern (UniBE), Switzerland.


Previous Editions

VaMoS 2023 in Odense, Denmark
at University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

VaMoS 2022 in Florence, Italy
at University of Florence (UniFl)

VaMoS 2021 in Krems, Austria
at IMC Krems University of Applied Science

VaMoS 2020 in Magdeburg, Germany
at Otto von Guericke Universität (OVGU)

VaMoS 2019 in Leuven, Belgium
VaMoS 2018 in Madrid, Spain
VaMoS 2017 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands
VaMoS 2016 in Salvador, Brazil
VaMoS 2015 in Hildesheim, Germany
VaMoS 2014 in Sophia Antipolis, France
VaMoS 2013 in Pisa, Italy
VaMoS 2012 in Leipzig, Germany
VaMoS 2011 in Namur, Belgium
VaMoS 2010 in Linz, Austria
VaMoS 2009 in Sevilla, Spain
VaMoS 2008 in Essen, Germany
VaMoS 2007 in Limerick, Ireland

Steering Committee

Gilles Perrouin (chair), University of Namur, Belgium
Christoph Seidl (chair), IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Paolo Arcaini, National Institute of Informatics, Japan
Mathieu Acher, University of Rennes 1, France
Danilo Beuche, pure-systems GmbH, Germany
Maxime Cordy, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Xavier Devroey, University of Namur, Belgium
Deepak Dhungana, IMC University of Applied Sciences, Austria
Jacopo Mauro, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
Gunter Saake, Otto von Guericke Universität Magdeburg, Germany
Thomas Thüm, Ulm University, Germany
Danny Weyns, KU Leuven, Belgium

You can reach the steering committee chairs at sc@vamosconf.net.